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Anxiety and stress are normal pieces of the human experience. So are relaxation and downtime. It seems like a lot of people today are stuck in the anxiety and stress place 24/7. We want to provide some good resources here about anxiety that you can check out at your leisure. Don't want to stress you out- right? 

Learning About Anxiety

Am I stressed? This little checklist reviews some of the most common symptoms for anxiety and stress.

Here is a packet developed that has psychoeducation about anxiety and stress. It gives you some great definitions and background to understand what is happening.  Here it is. Here is one focused on being successful when things are stressful

Here is a fun website written by an-anxiety sufferer that has a lot of great information and tools to use. 

Anxiety and Negative Self-Talk:

Learning to Relax

Ok... so I know I am stressed, anxious, and maybe even having panic attacks- now what? Here are some resources for taking care of yourself and feeling better! The thing to realize about overcoming anxiety is that relaxation and anxiety cannot coexist. The process of focusing on relaxation gets rid of anxiety. 

Here is a recording I made that helps many people feel more relaxed after listening. It takes less than 10 minutes and you can have it for free! If you like it, make it a regular part of your day or week. The more you practice relaxation- the better you will get at it. (You've been practicing being stressed and anxious for a while-look how good you have gotten at doing that!) You can download your "Relax" recording here

Kaiser has also put together a great list of relaxation recordings for the community. They have recordings specific to panic attacks and anxiety. They also have recordings on things like anger, forgiveness, stress, relaxation, weight loss, and other things that can be related to anxiety. You can access all of these recordings here

Here is another link to free MP3s about relaxation and lowering anxiety:

Here is a great article about stress and anxiety that integrates practical tools and explains well how our thoughts can exaccerbate our anxiety level. Check it out here. 

Ready to go and play on the internet?

Here are some fun resources for self-care and anxiety reduction that might be a good fit for you (or not). Find what works that you like- and leave the rest. Remember, don't stress if something doesn't work for you- just move on to find what does. 

Here is a great link to an overview of some relaxation and self-care options:

Check out the free Mood Gym website. It has been researched and found to help people build their stress relief muscles!

Here are some interesting breathing techniques. Check out the 4-7-8= not easy to do but very relaxing!

Tapping is another option to help reduce anxiety. Here is a video about tapping.

Finally, here is something a little more out of the box- an online community working to support people in reaching their goals. It is a bit out there for some- and perfect for others.

One final note: When you are stressed or anxious, you do whatever you can do start to feel better in the moment. Sometimes that can be a glass of wine, skipping a meal, spending a night in alone, eating a huge meal, getting high, or gambling with some friends. Unfortunately, what starts out as no big deal can sometimes mushroom and start to ADD to your stress level! If you have a coping strategy that has gotten out of control and is taking over your life- it isn't always justc as simple as "stopping." If you are stuk in a negative pattern or need some extra help with the destressing process, give our office a call at (209) 602-1513 for your free 15 minute phone consultation. 

Feeling stressed just reading this page? Check out the video below! 


Here are some more cool videos from YouTube:

Remember, you are looking for what works for YOU! If you find something you don't love- just move on to the thing you do love! (Use this one with headphones)

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