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Thanks @BellaVagos

Bella Vagos is new to the Modesto scene as a full service day spa and cafe. October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, they were kind enough to throw a fundraiser to raise money. The event was a smashing success.

One of the most beautiful parts of the event for me was the survivor fashion show. All of the women who modeled were survivors of breast cancer and shared a piece of their journey and story. There was not a dry eye in the house watching these amazing women so confident and full of life.

For me, hearing a piece of their stories, I know there is so much more that happens behind the scenes. The lives they have touched, the family members, friends, and communities who have cried, yelled, prayed, laughed, checked out, drank and did everything they could to walk along side their loved one. And the path towards healing and wholeness continues every single day.

Ok enough of the therapist talk... I met a lot of wonderful business people and ran into old friends (and some family) and thoroughly enjoyed the fabulous food provided. I was completely surprised when I won their grand prize "an extreme make over!"

A freind of mine said my name at the gym and complete strangers told her "she's the one that won the grand prize!" So, I figured it was only fitting to give Bella Vagos the public kudos they deserve for raising a fistful of cash for Breast Cancer and for donating such an amazing prize!

Thanks again for the wonderful day of beauty and all of the fabulous goodies! I was more than happy to help support this event and would have been just as happy had I not won a thing... well maybe that isn't quite as true... I hope some of you will consider checking out the event next year!


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