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Observations from My Purse...

Do you ever get the sense that you are carrying an extra weight? I was... literally! My purse was starting to buldge, overflow, and weighing me down.

Now, I have always been careful to carry a small purse. One reason is because I literally and figuratively don't want to carry "extra baggage." When a small purse is full and overflowing, it becomes pretty obvious. I got to a point where I couldn't find what I needed, had no idea what was in it, and wasn't using most of what I was carrying with me.

It was only because I was looking for something important that I finally started cleaning out my purse. Here are a few things I found:

  1. Expired coupons: Useful bits of paper that have NO use in my current life. Are you carrying around anything with you that has no current use? Maybe an old belief or thought that used to make sense, but doesn't make sense in your circumstance? Each little "expired" piece of paper or thought doesn't seem like it makes a big difference- but collectively they can weigh you down!
  2. Trash: I literally found trash in my purse. A big wrapper from a Starbucks pastry was folded up nicely in my purse! Are you carrying around any trash in your life? Old, unhealthy relationships? Old clutter in your home? Or not just expired beliefs, but beliefs that are toxic and trash.
  3. Important Papers: I had receipts and important information that I was carrying with me. However, it wasn't put in the right place. It really just needed to be filed away- not carried with me around town!

After taking a relatively short amount of time to clean out my purse, I was amazed at the transformation. My purse was no longer weighing me down, I could find what I needed, and it felt amazing. I laughed at myself for waiting so long to do this simple exercise, and I laughed at the emotional impact such a simple practice had on my mood.

What simple thing do you need to clean out today? What will it be like if you take the time to do it? What will it feel like if you keep ignoring the issue and adding more and more weight?

Challenge: Make a change today!

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