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Healthy: Mind, Body, and Soul

I like to think I am pretty healthy emotionally and mentally ;0) My work (which I love) requires me to be in a space where I am ready to help people heal from some pretty intense stuff. Not being in a good "head space" is just NOT an option. 

Physically, I wouldn't have categorized myself as the picture of health. I would say I was "somewhat" healthy. Unfortunately, I KNOW that physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, etc. health are all interconnected. I had been a little stuck in getting physically healthy on my own- so last June I decided to get some outside help in my journey towards physical health. 

I was completely amazed by the parallels in physical training and counseling! As a therapist going through the personal training processhere, I noticed the following: 

  1. Having an expert in your corner REALLY helps! In our first free consultation she said something that stuck. If your car broke down and you couldn't fix it- would you take it to a mechanic or just sit and stare at it?" Being able to get great information and get my questions answered on a regular basis was invaluable in my process towards enhanced health. Where are you stuck? 
  2. Making change is always REALLY hard in the beginning. Any change we make in any area of our lives takes a lot of energy to start. However, after a while, change becomes our new norm. I hope to write an article soon about our amazing brain and how it rewires itself- stay tuned! What change do you want to make? 
  3. It is more fun making change when you have a great support network. Sometimes, people don't have great support networks in their daily life for whatever change they are making. While I have a good support network- I found the group personal training was an awesome way to get that extra motivation that I needed to stay committed to my growth. Making new friends who are on the same journey is also really fun. Identify your support network- or where you can go to beef it up. 
  4. People can push each other towards greatness (or not). I just wrote a blog here about social contagion. A funny mini example of this inspiring pattern happened the other day. I was doing burpees (you can see an example here) with another student. I wasn't feeling particularly energetic- but I decided to push myself to "just keep up with my workout partner." I was able to keep an awesome pace and really got my heart rate up. Normally there would have been a lot more pauses! At the end of the minute I thanked her for inspiring me to keep going- only to find out that she was just trying to keep up with me! 
  5. Noting your progress is important. It is really important to see where you are at so you can give yourself a KUDOS for all of the hard work you have been doing- and make adjustments when needed. Are you giving yourself credit for your progress? 
  6. People can reinvent themselves and make change at any point in their life. There is a wonderful woman at the studio who is 82 years old and still training- I find that so inspiring. Although I have been active at many points in my life- I have never considered myself athletic. I am now reinventing myself as an athletic person- and I love it! 

What do you need to change in your life? Is there a part of your life or your past that you would like to reinvent? What are you lacking from this list in reaching your emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual goals? I hope you are inspired today to take a bit better care of yourself in one area of your life. 

Until next time- Miranda


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