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Counseling and therapy services in Modesto, CA. Helping with trauma therapy, marriage therapy, child psychology, school issues, autism spectrum, emdr, and christian counseling. Providing walk and talk therapy, counseling for kids, cognitive behavioral therapy, and grief counseling. Practice owned by Miranda Palmer. 

Infant loss, Stillbirth, SIDS, and Multiple Miscarriage Support

Losing a child is one of the most painful experiences in life. While there is never a "perfect time" to lose a child, losing a child before our shortly after delivery can leave you feeling completely alone. Stillbirth, miscarriage, and infant loss are just not talked about openly. In fact, if you have lost a child and talk openly, you can often see the discomfort of those around you. This can sometimes feel like such a "taboo" loss. 

In fact, you might have heard (or said) things like: 

  • You can have another one
  • You can try again
  • It was God's will
  • You're still young
  • Maybe this is a sign
  • It was so early... it wasn't really a baby yet...
  • The baby wasn't born yet- couldn't really have that strong of a connection
  • and more...

While these things may be true in some cases, and many of the statements are well meaning- they can be frustrating, infuriating, and depressing statements that make you feel like people just don't understand what you are going through! 

Counseling Modesto is excited to begin offering services for individuals, couples, families, and grandparents who have experienced infant loss, stillbirth and losses of children at all ages and stages. You can learn more here

And, if you have a friend who has lost a child at any age, take a moment this holiday season to give your friend a great big hug. This can be a hard time of year around the Christmas tree. 


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