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Top Tip for making REAL change! FREE Giveaway!

Here it comes... that envitble post about New Year's resolutions and the fact that we don't keep them- ick! Well- let's drop that whole subject all together! Let's talk about real, lasting change. I don't care whether the journey began on January 1st or June 22nd... We can reevaluate and start the process of making change at ANY moment! 

So, here are my top tips for making real, lasting change! Be sure to read to the bottom and find out how you could win a FREE 30 minute reflexology massage- yay! 

Top tips for making real, lasting change: 

  1. Keep it simple- do NOT do everything at once. Focus on one simple change and fully commit yourself to it. 
  2. Commit to change- what does committment mean? It means putting your mind and focus on making a change that fully aligns with who you choose to be. It means when something threatens to pull you in another direction away from who *you CHOOSE to be*, you notice that pull, take a deep breath, and continue in the direction towards YOU! 
  3. Yes, breath! Change is HARD, and STRESSFUL! Good change can actually make your body anxious and panicked! Anybody else ever felt panicked when thinking about saying no to a donut? I have... and guess what- I'm not that big of a fan of donuts! Breathing is the first step in letting your body know that it is ok to begin to relax!
  4. Relax! Notice this is in bold... twice! Panic and anxiety are a sign that are body is in fight or flight mode... or survivor mode. What do we do in survival mode? Whatever we need to do to get out of the panic! We do whatever it is we have already done! We do whatever feels the most safe and comfortable! So find out what helps you to relax- here are links to a ton of FREE relaxation options. You are not on your own- there are resources out there! 
  5. Connect with great resources- yep- here comes a little plug for the benefits of counseling or therapy- you may need someone who has expertise in a certain subject to help! Whether that means scheduling an appointment with a counselor, a professional organizer, or a personal trainer, or just finding some cool FREE resources on the Internet. Reach out, get connected, and HAVE some FUN! Maybe look at this like a fun little treasure hunt! 

So, I'm keeping it simple- those are my top 5 tips for making change. Now, I'm sure you are ready to find out how you could get some FREE relaxation! Simply post a comment below sharing one thing you have done to make LASTING change in your life. But, there is one rule- keep it LIGHT people. This is not a request for you to bare your soul and trauma on the Internet! I want strategies you have used to keep your closet clean, clean up the potty mouth, get more physical activity, or have more fun on a daily basis! You can post them below and we'll announce a winner at the end of January! 

(Reflexology appointment compliments of Kyle Ling, certified neuro-reflex therapist with offices in Modesto and Turlock. 

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