Counseling Modesto

It's never too late to feel better.

Counseling and therapy services in Modesto, CA. Helping with trauma therapy, marriage therapy, child psychology, school issues, autism spectrum, emdr, and christian counseling. Providing walk and talk therapy, counseling for kids, cognitive behavioral therapy, and grief counseling. Practice owned by Miranda Palmer. 

Emergency Counseling Services Starting December 19th

I have a secret for you, I LOVE the days when I am not seeing clients all day! Not because I don't LOVE my work- I REALLY do (bizarre huh?) It is because on those days I can pick up the phone when people are calling and needing help RIGHT NOW and give them some immediate relief and help. 

I (Miranda) love hearing a person's voice change from surprise/panic that I actually answered the phone- to a sense of relief and hope as they get their questions answered and start making a plan to feel better! 

We also know that while some people are looking for traditional therapy, others are really just looking to get some questions answered and get some suggestions so they can move on with life! 

The expansion of Counseling Modesto allows us to offer some expanded services- and emergency, extended consultations are one of them! You will be able to schedule an extended, 1-hour consultation session with a licensed therapist where you can get immediate support and encouragement. We are especially excited to offer this over the holiday season when sometimes family fun can get stressful! 

So, click on Book Now, select phone crisis counseling and select our next available appointment. Phone sessions do require pre-payment (we don't want to be hanging out all alone by the phone!) 

And, as always, feel free to give us a ring for your free 15 minute phone consultation or schedule a traditional, in person counseling session. We would love to hear from you! 


Counseling and therapy services to people living in and around Modesto, Ceres, Turlock, Keyes, Ripon, Hilmar, Patterson, Empire, and Waterford. Main office in downtown Modesto.