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Counseling and therapy services in Modesto, CA. Helping with trauma therapy, marriage therapy, child psychology, school issues, autism spectrum, emdr, and christian counseling. Providing walk and talk therapy, counseling for kids, cognitive behavioral therapy, and grief counseling. Practice owned by Miranda Palmer. 

Are you looking for a therapist who is taking MediCare?

I get so many calls from people who are looking for a counselor who takes Medi-Care in Modesto and Stanislaus County. People have often been searching for hours, weeks, or months and getting frustrated that everyone they call says "No I don't take Medi-Care" and is unable to guide them to someone who does. 

I have good news and bad news. The good news I can help you get counseling if you have Medi-Care! Bad news, it isn't me! Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists are actually not listed as a type of provider that can be covered under Medi-Care-so you will never find a MFT who takes Medi-Care- until the law changes. 

Licensed Clinical Social Workers CAN take Medi-Care. Sherri Thayer of Modesto, CA takes Medi-Care for residents in and around Modesto, Ceres, Turlock, Keyes, Empire... well you get the picture! Her specialties include bad experiences from the past, grief, medical issues that lead to distress, and general hope and healing. She can field calls from potential clients, or from their family members who are looking to help their mother, father, or loved one get therapy through Medi-Care. 

Often Medi-Care patients have a supplemental insurance. Sherri is not listed on every supplemental insurance available, but does offer a very reasonable sliding scale for people whose insurances do not offer who as a covered provider yet. 

Here is Sherri Thayer's information so you can contact her directly

What if I have questions for you? You can absolutely call me! I am always available for your free 15 minute phone consultation and happy to help! 


Counseling and therapy services to people living in and around Modesto, Ceres, Turlock, Keyes, Ripon, Hilmar, Patterson, Empire, and Waterford. Main office in downtown Modesto.