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Have You Tried Everything?

The path to healing and discovery is not always direct! I work with a lot of people who have been hurting for a long time. They have tried ignoring it, powering through it, thinking a lot about it, talking about it, reading books about it... and yet somehow- the people who finally make it to me are still in pain and frustrated.

In fact, many of them are mean to themselves "you are weak... you are stupid... you are not good enough" with the belief that if they are "honest" with themselves that it will help them to change. Or, in some cases, these beliefs have been ingrained from years of hearing this from others, or left over consequences of a horrible experience. 

Whatever the path to healing has been so far, whatever struggles you are facing- I just want to drop a line to let you know there is hope! You are not weak or less than because you haven't healed yet- you just haven't found YOUR path to healing yet. Everyone is not the same, and every path is not direct. 

I was just reminded of this fact as part of a physical recovery process. I have had an "ouch" for quite some time... probably a consequence of having a sit down job ;0). I have been trying different things for quite a while- massage, chiropractic, physical therapy, exercise, not exercising, strength training, yoga, stretching, talking, researching, icing, ibuprofen... you get the picture. And finally, I found someone who understood what was happening and was able to start me on my road to recovery. 

The relief I felt physically was wonderful. However, I also noticed the lift it gave me mentally and emotionally. This silly little "ouch" was pulling my energy and I think inadvertently impacting my self-concept and self-esteem. Starting the path towards healing is already changing the way that I view myself and it is fantastic. 

May you know today that although your path towards healing may not be a straight one- there is hope and healing for you- whatever type of pain you are in. 

Quick shout out for the person who gave me a bit of help and healing:

 And the liability disclaimer ;0) Talk with your doctor, interview people, and do your own research before deciding what is right for you and your body. Everyone's path to healing is unique and different! 


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