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Ditch the Anxiety about Eating & Weight!

The truth is, very few people have ever gotten to a healthy weight by stressing over it. In fact, stress and anxiety surrounding eating often lead to "mindless" eating where you eat the food as quickly as possible- or as "checked out" as possible. This can lead to: 

  • not even enjoying the flavor of food! (Horrible!)
  • eating until you feel ill. (Big Bummer!)
  • releasing stress hormones that will make you store more belly fat (ick!) 

The truth is, people who get healthy and stay healthy are people who find ways that work for them. In many cases, it is about becoming more mindful and aware of our bodies. We slow down our eating so we can notice: 

  • if we are actually really hungry
  • if this is more about painful emotions
  • when we are actually full
  • what foods actually taste good
  • how much of a food actually tastes good
  • and much more! 

So here is a fun little mini-challenge I found on the good ol' Internet to help you ditch the anxiety and stress about meals. Try implementing just a few of these tricks and notice if it doesn't allow you to eat with more joy and connection to a comfortable place with no guilt, shame, or stress! 

Here is your link to check out these easy to implement mindful eating tips

! Are you looking for a mindful eating or eating disorder specialist? We have a fabulous specialist here in Modesto, CA that helps people wtih undereating, overeating, and stress about eating named Signe Darpinian.

Check out her information here


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