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What I Am Learning About Myself from Pinterest....

I have a confession... I am a bit of a geek. No, not that geek that spends hours playing video games or instant messaging on Facebook... more the kind of a geek that just LOVES to find a fabulous piece of software or a website that makes my life easier. 

I just started using a silly website that they call an online bulletin board. I am not sure that I would call it that- but ever the counselor- I have noticed some things since starting to play with this new site- I thought y'all might be interested in knowing what I learned about myself. And, I think many of these "epiphanies" or things others can relate to. 

1. I don't always know myself as well as I think I know myself. 

All of us are looking from our unique perspective. We have all had people either get us completely wrong because their perspective was warped. We have also had other people who had a vantage point that allowed them to be "right on" and give us some important insights that we couldn't see from the inside. 

Posting things I like to bulletin boards has been helpful in defining some of my preferences. Of course, in this case it is more about design, color, and home organization- but those things count. 

2. Sometimes visuals help! 

I have a tendency to be very word and language oriented. While I do often draw in counseling, you will notice that most of my blog posts are completely text based. I haven't used tumblr, don't keep notebooks or scrapbooks... and so I often think of myself as less visual. 

However, I have found that I am actually incredibly visual- I am also just not a fan of busywork! Pinterest has made it so easy for me to be "visual," organize, and reference things- it just fits for the way I happen to think. 

3. One way of thinking isn't necessarily better or worse. 

I have a confession for you... I HATE filing... yep I said it... filing makes my brain go numb... and NOT in a good way! There are many reasons why I have a paperless office (safety, security, readability, time savings, convenience for clients) but one huge reason is VERY LITTLE filing! 

This also pertains to trying to organize bookmarks of sites on the Internet that I find useful for clients, organizing books, or putting ideas together into some fashion that I can actually reference information later. 

Pinterest just seems to "fit" my way of thinking. So, I come up with some file names (boards), and then simply "pin" ideas, references, and links to that board... And, when I go back to: organize my office, plan a workshop talk, etc. there is this beautiful group of visuals that each links to the information that I considered referencing. I can easily delete or narrow down my focus after I have all of the best ideas saved in one place. 

So... what do I think that people can take from Pinterest when it comes to mental health: 

1. We are all on a constant journey of self-discovery. Having a way to notice and become more aware of ourselves is a powerful tool. Whether it is counseling, a great book, or an online pinboard. 

2. Find what works best for YOU! This is one of my favorite things! So many people are trying to make things work for them that just don't. You don't have to give up self-improvement, or shove yourself into a box that fits. Sometimes there is a simple little adjustment that can make all the difference in the world. 

3. Others are often on similar journeys. There is nothing more fun on Pinterest than connecting in with another board where you think "great minds think alike!" It is amazing to find that someone else has already done some great work in putting things together 

So, with that in mind... I am starting a "professional" page on Pinterest... where I will be posting some fun awesome links to DIY self-care, fun, quotes, and things that inspire me (and maybe you) to wellness. If you happen to be a Pinterest fan- feel free to look me up:


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