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Accepting Anxiety...

Did you know that a certain amount of anxiety is normal? 

In fact, in some situations, it is normal to feel REALLY out of sorts. I talk with people frequently who are panicked because they fear something is wrong with them. When they find out that the response that feels "odd" or "wrong" or "crazy" to them is actually normal, healthy, acceptable, or to be expected in response to what is happening they have a big sigh of relief. 

That's right... they feel relieved, in other words, they feel LESS anxious when they know it is normal to be anxious! Isn't that amazing? Here are a few tidbits about anxiety that might be helpful: 

  • The more you fear anxiety, the more anxious you will be (it is called anticipatory anxiety).
  • In some cases anxiety is good! 
  • Anxiety rarely kills anybody.
  • Learning additional skills about managing anxiety does NOT make you crazy! 
  • Some times big stuff happens, it is normal to have a big emotional response (or even a numb response).
  • If your anxiety is keeping you up at night, changing your eating patterns, or breaking your concentration at work- check out theanxiety page- or give us a call to teach you some new tools for these new things that have been happening. 

Hope you are out enjoying this beautiful day in Modesto, CA! I sure am! 


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