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Worrying sucks... Literally...

We all worry. Why? Because we all think. It is normal to think and sometimes thinking can lead to questions about the future.

Planning for the future can be great. But when does planning turn into worrying?

I think you know planning turns into worrying when it starts to suck...

Worrying sucks away your motivation for change. 
Worrying sucks away your energy for living.
Worrying sucks away time for living life in the moment.
Worrying sucks away valuable hours of sleep.

So, what can you do to stop those racing thoughts? How can you stop the anxiety that comes with worry?

Well, the first step is always to notice. And, you can't notice anything when you are running a mile a minute.

Pause, be still, notice what is going on in your body! Stillness can be scary initially- but it is also incredibly powerful!

And no, stillness doesnt come easy. It is a skill we have to develop! Ill be writing a message next week about some specifics of being still. But, for now, just slow down and notice!

Oh, and by the way- you may notice a new face around these parts. We have a new expert in all things school related and child related. She also works with couples and families. Please welcome Charlene Rose! Until next time..


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