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The Last Few Weeks of School

So we are getting to the end of the school year and things start to pile up. For kids who have been struggling in school- the last few weeks have probably been pretty tough. And, that stress isn't just on kids- it impacts parents and the family as a whole. 

The conflict level in the house can easily rise as parents get exasperated- or jump in to do work for their kids- doing anything they can think of to help their kids be successful. Here are a few quick tips for families in this last couple of weeks (or days) of school: 

  1. Make a to-do list- on paper. I don't know what it is about writing things on paper- but sometimes it just works better. 
  2. Let your kid scratch off the things as they are completed. Make a new shorter to-do list after you have marked a few things off. 
  3. Keep the to-do list focused on the things that must be done right now. If your to-do list is 100 items long- it is a good sign that you need to refocus on the necessities- or break that up into small little 5 or 10 item lists. 
  4. Be sure to take time to relax! Try to make this part of getting things done. After 5 things are accomplished- take 20 minutes out to go for a walk outside, go to the park, or dance to silly songs. Television has a tendency to suck out motivation- so if you have visions of you and your child getting back to work time- nix the TV!
  5. Celebrate the accomplishments and praise your kid(s). It is understandable that your stress level is high and you may be feeling sad or angry. However, the higher someone's heart rate is- the less they accomplish and learn! Focus on making expectations clear but don't let stress levels get too high as it will sabotage your efforts. 

I hope these few quick tips help you and your kid(s) keep from going crazy! Have some fun this weekend at the Modesto Farmers Market, Go for a walk by the river, and if you are done with school- give out a big woohoo! 

If you or your chiild need more support in getting through the end of the school year, or making some changes before the next school year starts-

check out information on counseling for children in Modesto


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