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Fwd: Letting Go in 2013

Everybody is talking about what they will "take on" it seems in the New Year. One thing that can be fun in the New Year is to find things to "let go" of. There is something freeing in getting rid of extra weight... well maybe all these weight loss goals are really about letting go teehee!

While, as a therapist, I love seeing people let go of emotional pain, poor communication strategies, and bad experiences from the past- I think in this case it is wonderful to start small. Here are a few things that you can do to "let go" that might just give you some emotional or mental release:

- Clean out a closet of clothing that you haven't worn and donate it to charity- right away (no need to clutter up the garage with more stuff) - Organize a drawer you use often like a silverware drawer or junk drawer so you can easily find the things that you use all the time. - Go and vacuum out your car and get it washed and "let go" of last year's grime! - Let go of some stress by pausing and taking 4 slow, deep breath... Yes slow... slower- perfect ;0)

That wasn't so hard was it? Change and renewal starts small. Here is wishing you lots of letting go of things that are weighing you down so you can be free to be full of joy in 2013!

And, of course, if you are being really weighed down by things that you have tried to change or let go of- but haven't been able to- feel free to give us a holler. All three of our counselors have a few choice slots open for people who truly want change in the New Year. Here is what each specializes in:

Cheryl Fink: Letting go of grief, loss, or depression in 2013.

Charlene Rose: Letting go of relationship habits that don't work and getting along in 2013.

Miranda Palmer: Letting go of bad experiences from the past and new for 2013:

Walk and Talk Therapy with a Focus on Wellness Work for people who "do ok" but want to be awesome in 2013! (No awesomeness is not guaranteed silly- that is a bit ridiculous- but it is highly encouraged and nurtured)

-- Miranda Palmer, MFT Marriage and Family Therapist MFC# 42393

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