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Modesto Top 5 Saddest Cities in the United States...

Yikes! I think this is an important to say aloud (aloud in a blog at least). Modesto has a Public Relations Problem. There I've said it! Modesto hasn't gotten any rave reviews for anything in a LONG time.

And, truth be told, Modesto needs a shift in its mindset. I follow Central Valley TV as my local news source, and from time to time- I see the comments posted. So many negative comments about Modesto, about the people here, and even negative comments about people's negativity.

One of the easiest ways to get sad or depressed is to allow your mind to focus on the negative. Notice I didn't say you "focus on the negative." Your mind will automatically be drawn to things that are negative, scary, sad, etc. Why? Because our brain is hard-wired to look for danger (negativity) to help us avoid that danger and stay alive!

In fact, the brain actually gives more weight to the dangerous, scary, negative things we think, see, hear, etc. than it does to positive experiences? Why?

Is it more helpful if you notice rattlesnake about to bite you or a beautiful flower?

So now that we know there is a reason for our brain to automatically focus on the negative- maybe we should just accept that we will be sad and depressed... there is no way around it!

Nope! The truth is, you can train your brain in this new world (that has FAR fewer real dangers like rattlesnakes) about what is actually dangerous. You also can train you brain to focus in on the positive elements of every experience (once you have determined it is safe) and help the brain to ENJOY your day to day life!

C'mon Modesto- let's not keep hitting Top 5 for sadness and mayhem- let's start a revolution of joy! The research says we need a ratio of about 3-5 positive experiences/thoughts for every 1 negative experience. Are you staying in balance?

If you are stuck in negative thinking and really struggling to get out of the pattern there are some great books out there like this one<

>, or you can always call to schedule a counseling session<

>for some outside perspective. If you are feeling sad- just do something different! You can feel better ;0)


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