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Aspergers Spectrum Disorder Specialist- Please share!

Is your kid a little odd, quirky, or struggling?

It can be really difficult when you can see how amazing your child is, but you look around and teachers, siblings, classmates, and others don't see how fantastic your child is. If your child is having struggles, they could be what is called "on the spectrum." With 1 in 88 children in America being on the spectrum- that is probably at least one child in every grade level.

I am not a specialist in autism spectrum disorders. While I have worked with some amazing families and children, it hasn't been my main focus (I'm a huge fan of working with people who have been through terrible/traumatic experiences- odd I know). I was out to lunch with a colleague who is a specialist and reminded how amazing it is when people do exactly what they are meant to do.

What is even more amazing, is that most people don't even realize that there is an autism spectrum specialist for kids and families who don't quality for county services, or who have "outgrown" the system. The truth is, there are some real issues for families with children on the spectrum.

So today, this blog posting is all about getting the word out about Lisa Galleazzi, MFT I know, I know... her website doesn't say much of anything about autism, aspergers syndrome, or autism spectrum disorder treatment for children, adolescents, adults, and their families in Modesto. (Just because you are good at what you do, doesn't make you great at marketing). She is too busy going and getting advanced level training and training other people on how to work with these wonderful people and their families. So give her a call and request your free consultation today.

If you know people who are struggling with this diagnosis- please share- share this post on Facebook, Twitter- let's let families know that there are resources (I know a lot of families I talk to feel a little frustrated sometimes).


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