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Is Your Past Messing Up Your Present in Modesto?

It is so easy for people to say "why can't you move on?" But the truth is, we all have at least one area of our lives where we are stuck. An area where we when we think about it- the old thoughts, feelings, and even some of the old responses start to come out.

Here are some signs that your past is still mucking up your present:

- In the moment you do something and later when you are calm you feel completely confused by your reaction. - There are situations where you can see it is stressful. But your body reacts as if it is the WORST thing that has ever happened! Later when you are calm you can see it isn't that bad, but in the moment- there is no reasoning with you. - You have unexplained physical symptoms tummy aches, constipation, hair loss, exhaustion, physical pain- and nobody can figure out why your body is reacting the way it is!

If this is you, get some support in resolving the issues from your past! It can get better.

If you'd like support from our office, our trauma therapist Cheryl Fink, LMFT has a few limited appointments during the day or early afternoon (she is usually booked up to the max!). Grab a spot today by e-mailing or calling (209) 602-1513.


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