Counseling Modesto

It's never too late to feel better.

Counseling and therapy services in Modesto, CA. Helping with trauma therapy, marriage therapy, child psychology, school issues, autism spectrum, emdr, and christian counseling. Providing walk and talk therapy, counseling for kids, cognitive behavioral therapy, and grief counseling. Practice owned by Miranda Palmer. 

Emergency Resources to Share with your clients: 

National Domestic Violence Hotline

Renewal and Reconciliation after Family Violence (A Jewish Perspective):

Haven Women's Center of Stanislaus County Providing emergency shelter, crisis intervention, and follow-up to victims of domestic and sexual violence (209) 524-4331 for the business office. (209) 577-5980 Shelter/Crisis Line.

Responding to the Abuser:

Sierra Vista $30 orientation fee; $40 per 1.5 hour fee. Sliding Scale Available with proof of income. Classes for men and women both self and court referred. Call for orientation at 524-6371. 

What about the Good Samaritan:

Resources for faith based paraprofessionals for responding to Domestic Violence. Provided as an adjunct to Domestic Violence 101: Keeping Families Safe. 

Sermon texts for pastors and paraprofessionals for exploration:

Resources for Study

A Commentary on Religious Issues in Family Violence

Clergy's Guide to Domestic Violence:

Developing a Safety Plan:

Effects of Domestic Violence on Children:

National Declaration of Spiritual Leaders against Family Violence:

Parable of the Disheartened Woman: Audio Recording:

Power & Control Wheel Clergy Response to Domestic Violence:

Responding to Domestic Violence What the Religious Community Can Do:

The Role of the Church in Preventing Domestic Violence: Can Churches Really Do Anything About Domestic Violence?

Training Events for Domestic Violence:


Counseling and therapy services to people living in and around Modesto, Ceres, Turlock, Keyes, Ripon, Hilmar, Patterson, Empire, and Waterford. Main office in downtown Modesto.