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Are you wondering what all the "fuss" is about EMDR? Or, are you simply curious about what EMDR stands for?

EMDR is Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, although oddly enough, it doesn't always involve eye movements! It is comprehensive treatment that has been studied extensively in helping people who have PTSD or who have been traumatized. However, clients and clinicians are exploring the use of EMDR with complicated grief, anxiety, low self-esteem, over-eating, depression, and a whole host of other issues.

Having worked with people who have been through a lot of horrible experiences, EMDR has been a treatment method that has transformed the lives of many of my clients, and transformed my outcomes with clients. 

If you have:

  • flashbacks and/or nightmares
  • experiences that make you feel panicked every time you are reminded of them
  • experiences you wish you could forget because they are so bothersome

EMDR may be able to help. While it won't make you "forget" what happened, EMDR has been able to show the way your brain functions when remembering the event. Scroll down and check out the videos below for some additional information and explanation. 

We are including a few testimonials from the Internet on this page. We do not include client testimonials on this page due to the privacy needs of my clients. Of course, every case is different, so it is always hard to get a sense of how EMDR might help you. Feel free to ask me about EMDR at our first appointment or during our initial telephone consultation. Give me a call at (209) 602-1513 for your free 15 minute phone consultation today. 

We're not able to provide EMDR over the phone or Skype, only during in-person sessions in Modesto, CA.

- EMDR wipes out pain 
"I would like to share something that I feel about EMDR versus regular talk therapy, and I sum it up like this: I think that conventional therapy is about 'managing' internal pain and finding different behaviors to 'cope' with that pain, whereas EMDR essentially wipes it out."

"When I saw the last posting about EMDR getting more rapidly to a person's core issues, I do agree with that. However, I would go further and say that it actually did, at least in my case, seem to wipe them out. In my previous experience in talk therapy, I would talk about them, yes, and it was nice to discuss them, but they were always still there, talk or no talk."

From a railroad engineer: “Just a short note to let you know how much I appreciate your helping me through the suicide in front of my train. When I returned home after our session, my wife commented about how I returned a different person than when I left. My biggest fear was how I was going to be on Monday when I operated my train over the accident spot. As it turned out, I had almost no particular reaction and I presently go about my job as routinely as ever. Thank you so much for your kindness and invaluable help.”

- Fear about starting
"As my therapist and I put, EMDR can be like magic sometimes. Certain issues take longer to deal with than others, but I've had about 8 sessions now dealing with 3 extremely traumatic stiuations and my disturbance levels have dropped dramatically. I was scared to death to start the process, but once I did it was one of the best things I have ever done for myself."

- The importance of positive resources
"One of the things that was very frustrating to me in the beginning is that my therapist insisted we spend all of this time working on safe places, calming techniques, etc. before actually doing emdr. That said, it was absolutely the right thing to do. My first couple of emdr sessions was very overwhelming and even though we had prepared I really didn't realize the intensity of emotions that emdr would bring up for me. Since we had worked so hard on the safe place and other things to deal with these emotions I was able to deal with these things - notice the feelings, then take it back to therapy."

"EMDR can be tough at times but the key to getting through those times is the work you do with your therapist ahead of time in establishing a safe place and protocol on what to do if things get rough. It also means you need to have a trusting and open relationship with your therapist."

- Ongoing work
"EMDR was the key to unlocking many unhealthy patterns. I have found it very useful. I also believe for those that have unresolved issues from childhood it can be a longer process. I have been going to my counselor for 1 year and I have seen incredible change. However, I have also discovered there are the 'stuck' times as with any counseling and I need to respect these times as well. I am planning on going back because new issues have come on the horizon for me. Once wonderful thing about EMDR is that months later you process something you had no idea you were working on."

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) provides "a way for people to free themselves from destructive memories and it seems to work, even in cases where years of conventional therapy have failed."

--Hugh Downs, 20/20, ABC News

"Ideal for those who have been unable to forget traumatic life events."

--Dusty Bowencamp, RN, CTR, Disaster Mental Health, American Red Cross

"Now, when I talk about what happened to me, it's definitely reality, but the fear's not there any more....It's astounding. I've been given a portion of my life back."

--Emily G., victim of abduction and rape, quoted in American Health 

"Within two or three of four sessions, we had resolved issues that I'd been discussing for four or five years with other people"

--Eric Smith, Vietnam veteran suffering from PTSD, quoted on

20/20, ABC News 

"In four, hour-long EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) sessions I was able to get at issues that years with other therapists couldn't touch."

--Sherry Morgan, rape trauma survivor, quoted in the Orange County Register

NOTE: "Specific results will vary from person to person. Speed of healing for single event traumas has been demonstrated by research to take one to three 90 minute sessions for 80-90% of clients. Those who have an early history of trauma, abuse or neglect will take correspondingly longer to heal than those recovering from a single event trauma. But clients and therapists alike report that healing through EMDR is more rapid than traditional approaches to talk therapy". (San Diego EMDR, 2006)

We have completed the Basic Level EMDR training which includes 6 days of training, and 20 hours of outside consultation. In addition, based on my experience and clients report of healing, we plan to continue on to full certification with

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