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It's never too late to feel better.

Counseling and therapy services in Modesto, CA. Helping with trauma therapy, marriage therapy, child psychology, school issues, autism spectrum, emdr, and christian counseling. Providing walk and talk therapy, counseling for kids, cognitive behavioral therapy, and grief counseling. Practice owned by Miranda Palmer. 

Are you stressed out?

Is your mind going a mile a minute and you find your shoulders creeping up to your ears, and your stomach in knots?

Do you have life, relationship, or career concerns?

Do you need someone to talk to, but know you want something different and unique? 

Come and experience walk and talk therapy. We will take talk therapy to the outdoors where you can breathe, move, and talk through whatever you are struggling with. You keep hearing the research that shows that movement has a positive impact on personal well being. However, you find yourself stuck, unable to move due to stress. Our focus will be on a counseling session, the walk will not be strenuous or personal training. How will you feel after a 45 minute walk completely focused on you and your emotional needs? 

You may find that walk and talk therapy will allow you to: 

  • Get moving- literally and figuratively. 
  • Cope with stress
  • Sleep better
  • Improve the way you see yourself. 
  • Improve your focus at work, at home, and in your relationships

Call (209) 602-1513 today and find out how walk and talk therapy can help you reach your goals! Have questions? Here are a few Questions & Answers: 

How long will the session last? We will schedule a session based on your needs. The time scheduled will include travel time to and from your desired location. Popular options are a 60 minute or 90 minute option. The office is located downtown and many locations are within a few minutes drive. 

Where will we walk? We can decide that together. Some options include: Gracaeda Park, trails along Dry Creek, downtown Modesto, or even along the college district. 

What about my privacy? When doing work out in nature, there may be other people around. It is a consideration of walk and talk therapy that we can discuss over the phone prior to the first session. For many people, they get a sense of when and where they can reveal certain details about their life. You always have the ability to determine our location and your comfort in a particular location. 

What if it is too hot, too cold, etc. We were designed to be in the world. We can schedule earlier morning appointments during the hot weather months, find a shady spot, or wear a hat. Alternatively, we have a private office that are centrally located in downtown Modesto. 

Can we meet at my office to begin our walk? Absolutely. We can even schedule sessions around your lunch break. 

Want to learn more about this type of therapy? Check out this link that reviews the press on this option. 

Call (209) 602-1513 for your free phone consultation and to schedule this holistic therapy option! 


Counseling and therapy services to people living in and around Modesto, Ceres, Turlock, Keyes, Ripon, Hilmar, Patterson, Empire, and Waterford. Main office in downtown Modesto.